Welcome to MyCitySuites!

MyCitySuites is a pool of fully furnished condominium units for short to medium term use. Since we opened our doors to our first city suite in 2011, we have served business travellers, executives, Balikbayans, tourists and local weekenders. As to what they think of their stay with us: many are pleased, some are surprised and a few felt that we should be more like a hotel or a service apartment. The fact is we cannot please everyone, but we strive to give our guests a pleasant stay in any of our city suites. We are happy to inform you that we continue to experience a growth in our patronage. That is primarily because of our own style of MyCitySuites Hospitality.

Our Managed Suites



A review by Loi, editor in chief of www.wearesolesisters.com I enjoy being homeless. Correction: I enjoy being able to live, work and travel where I want. But this freedom does come ...